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I have passed my driving test and am very pleased. This is due to Magnifico Driving SchooL who has assisted me and taught me very well. Previously I had and instructor from AA and I wasn't doing well with my test. I was not happy with the way she taught me so I decided to check on another driving school. I found Magnifico Driving SchooL from the internet and was directed to Sonia.

On the whole I am very satisfied with Sonia's instruction and methods which I think I'll use them when ever I'm driving. I have recommended her to a friend who want to take a test.Thank you.

Haris, East London


I had some of my driving lessons with Sonia and I learned more in 10 hours with her than I had learned in 40 hrs with my previous instructor. She is really patient and has a very efficient method of teaching, especially with the manoeuvres which I found quite difficult. She made them easy for me though. Thanks to her I passed my driving test first time. I would definitely recommend Sonia as an instructor. She is friendly and you will get on very well with her.


Besmira, North London



 I wanted to write to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Magnifico Driving SchooL.  I found the instructor to be professional, reliable and friendly.  I passed my test on Wednesday, which was the first time I'd taken it and I'm sure this was as a result of the instructor's excellent tuition.

Please pass on my thanks.


Emma, North London


 I have been having driving lessons with Sonia for a few months in total and I have learnt so much from her. Why Sonia is such a good driving instructor is because she puts a lot of effort in teaching her students, which is different from a lot of other driving instructors who just tell you that everything you do is fine TILL… the day you are going to have your test and you realize that your teacher hasn’t actually taught you anything. Because of the effort Sonia puts in her teaching, learning to drive goes almost automatic. She gives you for example constant feedback about your driving, what is going good and what can be better, correcting bad driving habits and always keeping a focus on your final test and how the examiner will look at your driving. Her lessons are also very balanced, the first part is about learning new driving skills like manoeuvring or parking and then the second part is about applying these skills in the real traffic, so every lesson you will learn something new! Sonia is not only a 5-star driving instructor but it is also fun, throughout the lesson there are always moments to have a chat and a laugh! So in conclusion I greatly recommend starting your driving lessons with Magnifico! 


Thank you Sonia! 

Sebastiaan, North London


I recently passed my driving test first time after having a block of just 10 lessons. My instructor was Sonia and I have to say it was mainly because of her I passed. She kept everything simple. She made all the manoeuvres I used to find hard because of being taught them in a complex manner she made them easy! She took me through mock tests and explained to me where and why I went wrong. Then she took me through those routes again to make sure I learnt. On the day of my test I was so nervous I didn't think I would pass at all but she made me believe that I could and I did! My only regret is not learning from Sonia earlier! It was worth the money and you get your moneys worth for sure! And its such a friendly atmosphere you feel comfortable always!I would recommend Magnifico to everyone!Huma, South Woodford


I had a number of lessons with previous instructors whom kept me on the same simple roads, when it was time to take my driving exam I was full of nerves and did not no what to do and as a result I failed four times! However, thanks to Sonia I passed with her first time! I found her number online and spoke to her on the phone I told her the problems I had for example roundabouts , country lanes etc. on my first lesson she made me drive around the small rounds but when she she realised that I had the ability to drive on the main round she made me drive straight away. She guided me and helped me build my confidence. When things went wrong she did not hesitate to tell me!! For example reverse around the corner , She would make me do it a number of times until I finally got it! Without the help and guidance from Sonia I really do not believe I would have passed she helped me build up my confidence and taught me the wrong and rights about driving!
Thank you again! Hanifah

I'm so pleased to tell u all dat i passed my practical driving test on d 23rd of may 2012.This is a dream come true.The good news is dat i passed 1st time wit Magnifico driving school.To be honest,i learnt so much from my instructor(Sonia).She taught me what other instructors i used b/4 her never did.I used to have 12 minor faults and 1 or 2 serious or dangerous faults wit my previous instructors.But thank God my husband searched and found her on internet and she put me thru,she gave correction in all d area i was not doing well.Based on dat i had confidence in my self and took my test 1st time wit her and believe me i passed wit only 3 minor faults.This is awesome! I feel so happy cos im able to drive on my own,take d kids to d play ground to play.I'll recommend her to all learner's cos she is an excellent instructor.So glad she was my instructor. Anne



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